How to send videos or websites from your computer to your Google Chromecast

In this tutorial we will explain how to send videos (how to cast videos) from Google Chrome on your PC/laptop to your Chromecast, which obviously shouldd be connected to your TV. :)

  1. We assume you already made the initial set up of Google Chromecast, if you didn’t do it now!
  2. If you want to cast a whole tab, select the Chromecast icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser (from your computer) and select your device beneath where it says “Cast this tab to…” If you want to stop casting a tab, simply go to this menu again, and select “Stop casting.”

We would have love to write some more text to explain how to send a video from the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer to your Google Chromecast device, but that’s not necesssary. The usage of the device it’s really simple and we thanks google for that.
As you probably noticed on point two of this tutorial we wrote “If you want to cast a whole tab”. It wasn’t a typo. It is possible to cast the content of a whole google tab so you could watch any video site, facebook or your favorite video site on your TV.
However I think it’s important to inform thar in case you do so, the performance it’s not as good as it is when you cast content from your phone to your Chromecast.
The reason for that is that in this case the content won’t be downloaded from internet to your Chromecast, but sent via streaming from your computer to your chromecast

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