Download Chromecast apk to use Chromecast on your own country!

Although til now Chromecast has only been sold  in U.S.A (solt out!) we already know it can be used in some other countries such as Canada thanks to the information provided by cmstlist.

  1. The first thing is to download Chromecast setp apk file on your android phone or tablets, because it’s not available on canadian Google Play Store.
  2. Here you got a mirror to download Chromecast apk. It’s the same file posted by cmstlist as of 2013/07/31 but we hosted it in our site.

According to the tests made by cmstlist here you got what’s working and what’s not:
- Everything works.
- If you have cloud music enabled on your Google Play Music it alsoworks.
- Netflix works.
- YouTube works.
- Google Cast from Chrome desktop works (but as we already informed you’ll need a monster PC and wireless network to have it working without sync issues).
- If you connect your Android to a VPN or a DNS-changing service to try and access U.S.A Netflix, it will not cast titles unavailable in Canada to Chromecast successfully. Workarounds include either connecting your router itself to the VPN, or entering custom scripts into your router to redirect its hard-coded reliance on Google DNS servers ( &

We really appreciate cmstlist effort by providing all this information

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