Bad news for the community of Chromecats developers

Two days ago Koushik Dutta posted this on his g+ account:

Heads up. Google’s latest Chromecast updateintentionally breaks AllCast. They disabled ‘video_playback’ support from the ChromeCast application.

Given that this is the second time they’ve purposefully removed/disabled[1] the ability to play media from external sources, it confirms some of my suspicions that I have had about the Chromecast developer program:
The policy seems to be a heavy handed approach, where only approved content will be played through the device. The Chromecast will probably not be indie developer friendly. The Google TV team will likely only whitelist media companies.

I’d strongly suggest holding off on buying a Chromecast until we can see how Google chooses to move forward on third party applications. There are also other (open) platforms and stacks that one could buy/support as well. (LeapCast, NodeCast, etc)

Here’s the apk, but please note it probably won’t work.

[1] There used to be a sample app that provided similar functionality.


If Koushik is right then we really have some bad news here. I really hope Google only made a temporary change in order to improve Chromecast SDK.

AirCast play any video from your android phone and watch it on your TV with Chromecast

AirCast is an Android app that lets you share videos from your Gallery, Dropbox, or Drive, straight to your Chromecast enabled TV.
It’s straightforward to use, share, play, and control the stream via the remote in the app (or notification area).

Here’s an APK that you need to download and install on your android phone or tablet:
The APK will self destruct in 2 days because Koushik is just looking for bugs and feedback right now. Any crashes, etc, should be accompanied with logcats.

Issue list:

  • Apparently some Gallery apps (HTC One, etc) do not have the AirCast button in them. Need to fix that.

How could he release the apk if Chromecast SDK isn’t public yet? Because he made reverse enginerring, so he’s not using Chromecats SDK anymore.

Source Koushik Dutta g+ account

Cyanogenmod ROM’s will allow streaming of any media app to Chromecastt

Koush did it again. He managed to make some small tweaks of Cyanogenmod framework that will allow streaming of any video or audip app to Google Chromecast.
So if you are a CyanogenMod user (which means if you are using a CyanogenMod rom) you could play any video or music file from your android device on your TV via your Chromecast.

As you can see on the video above the process will be really easy:
You only have to start an audio or video player, and a “Play on Chromecast” notification will pop into the tray. Tap it, and the file will play on your Chromecast TV dongle. As easiest as it can be.
There’s no word on when end users will see this added functionality, but I’d expect it to pop up in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds (Android 4.3) before too long. I hope someone manages to port this functionality to other devices because I’m a Galaxy Note II user and because of that I don’t use Cyanogenmod roms, but still it’s good to see that a lot of people will benefit from the wonderful tweak done by Koush

Koushik Dutta already now how to send movies from your desktop computer to your Google Chromecast

If you have a movies on your desktop computer you can now send them to Chromecast. This is highly efficient, as there is no encoding/decoding taking place. It’s a full quality streaming, so as long as you have a 802.11n WiFi wifi router there shouldn’t be any lag even if you are streamign 1080p (full hd) videos.

And since it is a Chrome app, it works on all platforms (Windows, Linux and OS X). It will be available on the Chrome store.
He didn’t reveal how to do it because Google doesn’t allow him yet, but he’s suppose to share it with everybody as soon as the SDK gets out of the beta stage.

Technical Details provided by Koush:
I spent tonight writing a mini HTTP server in JavaScript that runs in Chrome. Full featured enough to handle requests and stream movies.
Yes, that means there is a web server running in my web browser. I’m insane.

Tonido Home Cloud gets Chromecast native support

Although Chromecast SDK is still on beta stage we already the first app that is getting official and native support for the Chromecast; Tonido Home Cloud.

What’s Tonido?

Fot those who don’t know, onido lets individuals’ stream local music, videos from their PCs (Win, Mac and Linux) to TV sets via Google Chromecast device. Tonido’s server software runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and its mobile app is available on Android and iOS and it also includes a media player.

If Tonido users install the free Tonido server software on their PC that stores their media, the Tonido mobile app then allows users to stream their media from the PC over WiFi or 3G using Tonido’s cloud service. And thanks to the new updated Tomido android app it now allows direct stream to a TV via the Chromecast.

The video below demonstrates how it all works. The video is directly streamed from your PC. No encoding, decoding mirroring. You will get a smooth playback.

Once Google finalizes the SDK the feature will be available in our Android, iOS and web interface.

RemoteCast, the first remote app for Google Chromecast

RemoteCast (Beta) - screenshot thumbnailRemoteCast (Beta) - screenshot thumbnailRemoteCast (Beta) - screenshot thumbnail

Thanks to we have the first Remote control app for Chromecast. It’s an unofficial app but it works as advertised so in case you have any android device (with 2.3 or later) and the Chromecast you should give it a try.

RemoteCast is right now on beta stage, but it lets you :

  • * Control applications respecting standard ChromeCast controls
  • * Control the Volume of your ChromeCast devices
  • * Pause/Play media
  • * Seek in track/video
  • * Quick launcher to ChromeCast app by sliding thumb to the right
  • * Double Tap on the large image to open the associated app

Known issues as for 4 August 2013:

  • *Netflix is not fully supported ( yet! )
  • *Sometimes RemoteCast doesn’t pick up on ChromeCast immediately and you need to connect it *manually from the top right icon
  • *Play button is a bit funky yet functinal

Iit’s funny to see that sometimes independent developers are faster delivering their work than big brands like Google.

Share your images and videos from your android phone to your Chromecast

Yes, yes. It is possible to send videos an pictures from your android phone to your Chromecast.
For obvious reasons the content won’t be downloaded directyl from the internet, but sent via streaming from your phone to your router and from your wireless router to your Chromecast. We don’t know how well it works when streamign HD videos but I’m sure it will work like a charm if we stream standard videos or pictures.

If you are wondering who made it possible, we’ll let you know that Koush made it possible (again). Here you got the video:
The mod hasn’t been released he’s not allowed to distribute the APK, as that is against the terms of use of the beta SDK for the time being.
I can’t wait to have the SDK out of the beta stage so Koush can share his findings and other devs can do the same with the default gallery and video players of their android phones and tablets.

Native support from Dropbox to Chromecast (video)

As we just informed on our previous post it will be possible to castmusic, images or videos from Dropbox to Chromecast very soon. I don’t know if that support would be implemented by Dropbox developers but if it doesn’t it won’t be a big problem because Koush Dutta already managaed to do it.
Here you got the proof:

The apk hasn’t been released yet because the terms of Chromecast beta SDK don’t allow any developer to share any creation yet, but as soon as the SDK gets out of the beta stage Koush will release it!

List of Chromecast compatible apps


On this post you will find a list of optimized android apps for the Chromecast.

By optimized we mean that once we cast the content from the app to Google Chromecast, the content will be downloaded directly from internet to our Google Chromecast device. That means that you won’t be streaming the content from the phone to Chromecast, so if you have a decent internet connection you shouldn’t face any audio or video sync issues. :)


  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Google Music
  • Google Movies

Announced to be working soon (official support):

  • Pandora
  • Vimeo
  • Revision3
  • Hulu Plus
  • AOL On
  • Twitch.TV
  • Washington Post PostTV
  • VEVO
  • This Week in Tech

Apps that will be workign thanks to the community of users

  • Image and Video sharing (default gallery and video players) thanks to Koush *
  • Dropbox thanks to Koush
  • Google Drive thanks to Koush

More apps that should be working soon (rumours)

  • HBO Go
  • Rdio
  • Redbox Instant
  • Songza
  • Qello
  • SlingPlayer

The list will be updated every time that we have notice of a new android app having native support for Chromecast, wheterh it’s the official app or modded app.

*Please note that for obvious reason on Image and Video Sharing app, the content won’t be downlaoded from internet but streamed from the phone/tablet to Chromecast. However I thoguht that’s a nice feature that deserves to be in the list.

This post was created thanks to

Download Chromecast apk to use Chromecast on your own country!

Although til now Chromecast has only been sold  in U.S.A (solt out!) we already know it can be used in some other countries such as Canada thanks to the information provided by cmstlist.

  1. The first thing is to download Chromecast setp apk file on your android phone or tablets, because it’s not available on canadian Google Play Store.
  2. Here you got a mirror to download Chromecast apk. It’s the same file posted by cmstlist as of 2013/07/31 but we hosted it in our site.

According to the tests made by cmstlist here you got what’s working and what’s not:
- Everything works.
- If you have cloud music enabled on your Google Play Music it alsoworks.
- Netflix works.
- YouTube works.
- Google Cast from Chrome desktop works (but as we already informed you’ll need a monster PC and wireless network to have it working without sync issues).
- If you connect your Android to a VPN or a DNS-changing service to try and access U.S.A Netflix, it will not cast titles unavailable in Canada to Chromecast successfully. Workarounds include either connecting your router itself to the VPN, or entering custom scripts into your router to redirect its hard-coded reliance on Google DNS servers ( &

We really appreciate cmstlist effort by providing all this information